December 9


Golf Training- Where do I begin?!

By Aidan

December 9, 2009

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All golfers around the world, no matter what level of skill they possess, have one thing in common: they want to get better. Most club level golfers share this desire for improvement- however they often don’t feel like they have the time to dedicate to a process that will help them achieve sustainable improvement in their golf games. So they try and find quick fixes in golf magazines, tips on tv or even worse, expert analysis from their fellow high handicapper friends.
However this game has a knack of biting you on the backside if you try and look for shortcuts. A “band-aid” remedy for your golf swing that works today might not work tomorrow and you will be back at square one, with a heavier heart and a lighter wallet. Often times you might find two different tips in the same magazine issue that completely contradict each other!
Another shortcoming that most golfers suffer from is an obsession with golf technique. We don’t mean to suggest for a moment that having the correct technique isn’t important. It is a fundamental component of our golf training program. However, good technique alone does not make a complete golfer.
So what is a golfer to do if they want to break out of this negative cycle?
We suggest you make a paradigm shift in the way you approach improvement in your golf game. We suggest you take what we call a “holistic approach” to golf training. What do we mean by holistic?
Holistic means we acquaint ourselves with The Four Training Factors of Golf, i.e. the Technical, Physical, Mental and Strategic golf training factors.
Why cover all four training factors?
We learned from our experience working alongside various sports programs at the Victorian Institute of Sport in Australia, programs that included Olympic sports, that in order to produce complete athletes and not just technicians, we had to pay attention to all the factors that would facilitate their growth.
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