August 21


Hot Training Aids – The Real Story

By Aidan

August 21, 2008

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Golf Training Aids – What’s Hot and What’s Not?

We get many requests from our customers asking us to recommend the best golf training aid on the market. It is understandable that there is confusion out there simply due to the sheer volume of golf training aids being sold. The best advice we can give on this topic is to start off with a very simple question:

Do the pros use this training aid?

If the answer is “no” then you need to be very skeptical. The reality is that the devices that the world’s leading golf coaches use to train their charges are exactly the same training aids that YOU should be using to improve your swing.

There is no difference. These top PGA Tour Players focus on the basic movement of the golf swing just like you should. The fundamentals of golf don’t change. If it is good enough for the pros it is good enough for you. Elite golfers do not waste their time on gimmicks and nor should you.

So, which training aids do the Pros use?

According to Steve Bann, coach to Stuart Appleby, there are three core golf training aids that he uses with all his players in the area of golf strength training (a key area for the Tour players)

The LeaderBoard – perhaps the hottest golf training aid on the market today. Focuses on core strength training.

The SpeedStick – a great device for improving clubhead speed

The Club Kite – an ingenious but simple little golf training aid that works great in combination with both the LeaderBoard and the SpeedStick to build power into the golf swing

So there you have it. These training aids are actually used by the Touring Pros. They are not gimmicks. They are proven weapons used by the players, to increase power and hone their skills, before they hit the fairways of Augusta or Oakmont.


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  • G’day guys

    I was at the coaching summit last week and am interested in the leaderboard and the kite.
    Can you send me the prices?


  • Justin,
    You have to get the leaderboard. I bought mine about 3 weeks ago and already my golf has transformed. My ball flight is higher and my length has increased by about a club. I’m using it everyday I practice. This is the only training aid I own as I personally think there are way to many gimmicks out there. If Steve Bann recommends it to his students it has to be good.

  • guys i ordered the leaderboard in November and have paid for it could someone please contact me so we can arrange something. i am really looking forward to using this training aid and improving myself and my students.



  • We feel that the short game is were you lower scores and the golfring is it. Used by 35 of the top 100 teaching pro’s. Used in most colleges today from Yale,UCLA,USC,Texas,WakeForest,NorthWestern and so many more.
    This is what tells me about a hot training aid.
    Affordable and inexpensive way to lower your scores.

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