January 8


Ogilvy ready for title defense at Kapalua

By Aidan

January 8, 2010

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Australia’s Geoff Ogilvy is in a unique position this week at the US PGA Tour’s season opening SBS Championship at Kapalua. The 2009 Champion is the only player in this year’s 28 man field who has previously won this event.

When asked about what this stat means to him, Ogilvy said:

Well, I learned that then actually when you said that. Yes and no. I mean it probably doesn’t happen very often in a year. Probably most places you go to, there will be knowledgeable people who have won on that golf course before. Unless you go to Bay Hill and Tiger is probably the only one who won there, or Akron or something. I guess, it’s interesting.”

Ogilvy is aware of this event’s previous history of repeat winners, and certainly feels confident enough to be in the hunt in the defense of his title this week. When asked who he thinks the favorite is this week, he didn’t shy away from backing himself:

Obviously, everyone here is a good player because they won a golf tournament last year. Stuart (Appleby) won three times in a row, so it’s obviously feasible. It’s a place my first couple of times I never played well. But last year was the best I ever played last year. I came back here feeling pretty good, so I don’t see any reason why I can’t win again“.


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