December 30


US PGA Tour still rules rankings

By Aidan

December 30, 2009

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This will hardly come as a surprise to golf fans but according to recent analysis, tournament winners on the US PGA Tour receive an average of almost 10 points more than tournament winners on the European Tour.

According to the analysis, winners on the US PGA Tour received an an average of 52.51 points, compared with 42.54 points for their European Tour counterparts.

European Tour events only outranked  US PGA Tour events being played in the same week on eight occasions. Three of those events however were played after the Tour Championship, which is usually the season finale for most top ranked players.

The rest of the world does however seem to catch up in the couple of months after the Tour Championship. Predominantly US-based players such as Dustin Johnson (40 to 53), Davis Love III (52 to 79) and Scott Verplank (47 to 60) for example have all dropped significant world ranking spots after the Tour Championship.


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